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Ideal landscape solution for pools

07 Apr 2017, Posted by Warwick Beale in Recent Installations, Residential

Why don’t we see more grass around pools?

Because natural grass around pools is a pain to maintain – keeping grass clippings and lawn fertilisers out of the pool, and pool chemicals off the grass!

But synthetic grass offers an ideal landscaping solution for swimming pools: it’s a cool, soft and non-slippery surface that absorbs excess water and prevents mud and grass clippings ending up in the pool.

The owners of this pool in Rothwell, in the Moreton Bay Region north-east of Brisbane, decided to ditch the old tiles for synthetic grass to soften the look around their pool.

We removed the tiles from the poolside area, levelled the soil and installed Pro Lawn 35 synthetic grass. The finished look lifts the existing space and blends seamlessly with the surrounding bush land and nature reserve.

Like most things, laying a good foundation is key to achieving a good result. And achieving a good synthetic grass installation is no different.


We recently installed synthetic grass around an inground pool at a property in Redland Bay, Brisbane.


The existing concrete foundation was old, uneven, and damaged, which are not ideal conditions for laying artificial turf.


We repaired the cracks and levelled the surface to ensure it was suitably flat and even, and then laid Oasis 40 over the repaired concrete. The dull and dangerous space was transformed into an attractive and safe area.


While investing in synthetic grass for the long-term can save you time and money in water and maintenance costs, it is important that your lawn is laid correctly, from day one.


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The concrete surface around the inground pool was cracked, uneven and damaged.

how to ensure good synthetic grass installation

The existing concrete foundation was repaired before the synthetic grass was laid over the top.

Synthetic grass is a great substitute for your pool surround, in place of real grass, cement pavers or decking.

Of course, we would say that, we’re professional synthetic grass suppliers and installers.

But here is why.

Firstly, keeping your pool pristine can be hard work, especially with pesky grass clippings blowing into the pool. With synthetic grass, there is little to no upkeep.

Secondly, synthetic grass is also resistant to chlorine contamination and discolouration, which is not true for natural turf installations around swimming pools.

Typically, artificial grass uses materials under the turf that allows for drainage, which means no wet (or muddy) matches.

Thirdly, traditional cement, pavers and tiles are not only slippery, they can generate a lot of heat in the full sun, making it dangerous and uninviting.

This is not to say, however that synthetic grass and traditional surfaces are mutually exclusive.

Synthetic grass also looks great when combined with stone pavers and other materials.

We recently installed Oasis 30 synthetic grass around a new pool in the Brisbane riverside suburb of Yeronga. The synthetic grass stylishly offsets the colour of the tile on the pool edge.


If the look and feel of your pool surround is desired, but not the continual maintenance, synthetic grass is not only a good option, it’s a great substitute.

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Artificial grass is softer and safer than concrete, low maintenance and keeps green all-year-round.

GroundAbility recently completed another artificial grass installation at Pine Mountain Road Childcare centre in Carindale Brisbane. This time the team spruced up one of the centre’s play areas with Pro lawn 25 and laid Leisure 15 to the swimming pool surrounds.

synthetic grass play area

Before and after of the play area.

synthetic grass pool surround

Before and after of the pool surround.

Artificial grass is a great ground cover option for childcare centres and there are many benefits to installing artificial grass in children’s play areas and around swimming pools – one obvious benefit is that artificial grass is much softer than concrete or tiles! In the event of a slip or fall, additional padding can be fitted underneath the synthetic grass surface.

For this recent job at Pine Mountain Road, we installed 20 mm shockpads to the play area and 15mm shock pads to the pool surround, providing some extra protection and creating a softer surface underfoot.

Have you ever considered synthetic grass for around your swimming pool?

There are many reasons why poolside synthetic grass is the perfect pool area surround, here are just a few:

  • Synthetic grass can be easily installed around swimming pools as it can be laid on existing hard surfaces such as pavers, stone, bricks and concrete.
  • There is now a huge range of synthetic grass products from which to choose that best suits wants and needs.
  • Synthetic grass requires little to no maintenance with none of the downsides of poolside natural grass.
  • Safer surface than concrete should anyone slip and fall.
  • It looks great all-year-round.
  • It also looks great when combined with stone pavers and other materials.

Check out the above images of GroundAbility’s recent installation of Pro lawn 35, laid around the rooftop pool and spa area of a penthouse apartment on the Brisbane river.

If you’re looking for a unique swimming pool surround, consider synthetic grass and think GroundAbility.

Pool smart with synthetic grass

05 Oct 2015, Posted by Warwick Beale in Products, Residential

The pool may not seem the most likely of places to find synthetic grass, but synthetic grass is quickly becoming a safe and smart-looking poolside surface of choice for homeowners.

One of the main reasons homeowners opt for synthetic grass as an alternative to more traditional pool surround surfaces like timber decking, concrete and pavers is the safety aspect.

We recently installed 37 mm Pro Lawn Gold around the family pool of a residential property in Wakerley, Brisbane. GroundAbility’s quick draining synthetic grass is a safe, non-slip surface that requires little to no maintenance, with no need for watering.

The second reason is the aesthetics. Synthetic grass innovation and technology has progressed rapidly in the last decade has developed products that make it almost impossible to distinguish between the real and the replica.

Unlike natural turf near a pool, synthetic grass doubles as a stylish pool surround as well as guaranteeing year-round green lawns, without the muddy, uneven patches caused by splashes and puddles from water overflow.

If you’ve never considered synthetic grass for your poolside surface, take a look at the GroundAbility Residential Gallery here for inspiration.