Synthetic Grass in School Playgrounds

13 Apr 2018, Posted by Warwick Beale in Recent Installations, Schools
Synthetic grass in school grounds

Synthetic grass in school playgrounds has long been a popular choice.


During our over 10 years’ professional experience installing synthetic grass in Brisbane schools – from pre-schools to senior high schools, we’ve seen the popularity of synthetic grass continue to increase and a broad acceptance of synthetic grass as the smart option. And it makes sense.


Schools tend to make long-term, cost-efficient decisions, especially when it comes to their grounds, including ovals, sports fields, playgrounds, multi-purpose areas, and communal spaces.


Synthetic grass is cost-effective, low maintenance and long-lasting.


It eliminates the need for a school to pay someone to mow, water, weed, spray and caretaker naturally turfed areas.


Depending on the amount of traffic on the surface, professionally installed synthetic grass keeps its colour and integrity and can last up to 7-10 years, and even longer with annual professional maintenance.


Synthetic grass also delivers a greater range of uses and applications, unlike natural grass and concrete. For instance, artificial grass is commonly used for multi-purpose sports courts, often with two to three-line markings incorporated allowing for several activities to be played.


But it’s equally versatile in an undercover communal space or a small and quiet “sacred area”, like this one at Mater Dei Catholic Primary School in Ashgrove, Brisbane.

Synthetic grass in school


Synthetic grass in school playgrounds Brisbane

For any school that has an oval and several indoor and outdoor spaces either undercover or exposed to the elements, synthetic grass is a smart choice.


It’s also a smart idea to hire the services of a reputable synthetic grass installer to deliver a professional result.


GroundAbility is a team of synthetic grass specialists in Brisbane, contact us today to discuss your school playground needs.