Small outdoor space? No problem with synthetic grass

20 Mar 2018, Posted by Warwick Beale in Recent Installations, Residential
Small outdoor spaces with synthetic grass

Small outdoor spaces are quickly becoming the norm especially as land size shrinks and houses get bigger the humble backyard is all but being squeezed out of existence.


What hasn’t changed, however, is the desire for homeowners to have a patch of grass to finish off their small outdoor spaces.


But increasingly homeowners are realising that a small outdoor area, especially one with natural turf, doesn’t necessarily mean less maintenance.


While you may spend less time mowing, you still need to mow – at least once a week to keep it healthy and looking great.


If you don’t have time to regularly mow your lawn, cutting long grass can damage your lawn and leave a mess of unruly grass clippings. Which is a nuisance especially in a small yard with a pool.


GroundAbility recently installed Clean Cut 35 mm synthetic grass as a pool surround for homeowners in Ormiston to solve the issue of having grass clippings ending up in the pool and clogging the filter every time they mowed.


small outdoor spaces with synthetic grass


This small poolside space now looks great and requires next-to-no maintenance for years to come.


On top of mowing, natural turf also needs to be regularly fertilised, watered and weeded.


And compared with larger outdoor areas, compact yards and smaller spaces tend to magnify the less appealing details of an unkept space such as untidy garden edges, weeds, sunburnt patches, and dead grass.


During the warmer months, homeowners want to enjoy their outdoor space without the hassle of ongoing lawn upkeep.


Here is another recent synthetic grass installation in Murumba Downs that completes a small outdoor space.


small outdoor spaces with synthetic grass


The 35mm synthetic grass complements the garden and provides a neat and tidy, low maintenance solution for our happy customer.


Working out whether synthetic grass is the right option to complete your small outdoor area may come down to how much you enjoy maintaining your lawn. If your answer is not much, synthetic grass could be for you.