Synthetic grass technology is constantly evolving, particularly products for sport-specific surfaces. GroundAbility is continually on-top of which synthetic surface works best for specific sporting applications.

Our product knowledge and install experience means we are able to design and deliver high-performing, cost-effective surface conversions for your existing grounds or new facility.

As an authorised ProGrass distributor, we are the exclusive suppliers of the Australian top selling “PlayOn” and “Europlay” field turf.
Our Field and Oval products are manufactured using only heavy metal free raw materials to ensure a long lifespan, a great consistency in quality and amongst the safest and most durable synthetic surfaces available. All are designed and engineered for concentrated wear.

The PlayOn and Europlay products are manufactured for our Company under license by TEAM Sports and are not available through any outlet other than our Australia-wide network of Approved Distributors.

We also offer the more economical Pro Series sport range including:

  • Pro Play 40 – 40mm pile in sports green
  • Pro Sport 50 – 50mm pile

The Pro Series products are the ideal surface for the sporting environment where comfort and performance are required. The products are manufactured in Australia using state of the art sports grade yarn, which will provide a stable and comfortable surface for all field sports.

  • PlayOn – 37mm pile height; Durotuft yarn variegated
  • Europlay – 50mm pile height; Ultimate yarn with base thatching
  • Global 40 – 50mm pile height; Ultimate yarn
  • FIFA 1 – Star 50mm – 60mm pile height; Monofilament
  • FIFA – 2 Star 65mm pile height; Monofilament
  • Rugby Extreme 65; Global 65; Euro 11
  • AFL Hybrid 60; Enviroturf


Are you looking to have your own tournament quality chipping and putting green without the headache of daily maintenance?

PGS Supergreen synthetic grass has a realistic look and feel, delivers low maintenance practice areas that are affordable and easy to install. Greens can be designed to fit any area to any size or dimension.

The ideal option for private garden putting greens, resorts and retirement villages or for anywhere that putting perfection is the aim of the game!

  • PGS Supergreen – 20mm pile height
  • PGS Mini-Pro – 15mm pile height and non-directional. This product is perfect for Mini-Golf
  • PGS SuperTee – 45 mm pile height. Ideal for Tees and Tee Lines.
  • Surrounds – Pile heights vary from 37mm, variegated yarn with unique thatching.
  • PlayOn – 19mm to 37mm pile heights, fairway grass.


When it comes to deciding on tennis court surfaces, synthetic grass is the obvious choice. Not only does it save you time and money on maintenance, it always looks immaculate and offers greater resilience and the ability to extend play hours, even shortly after a heavy downpour.

Here are some of our synthetic grass products specific to tennis court surfaces:

  • Grandprix – 12mm pile height

ITF Classification Category 5 – Fast. The ultimate synthetic surface. Developed with highest quality and comfort in mind. Superior traction underfoot and requires minimum sand infill.

  • Pro Am – 16mm pile height

The product of choice for many clubs and commercial centres, Protour offers a consistent medium paced ball bounce and provides excellent stability. It delivers controlled slide, responding to all standards of play.

  • Pro Multisport – 19mm

Medium paced surface that responds to the natural spin of the ball and provides additional slide for the player.

  • Leisure Tennis – 19mm

Medium to high density with a medium paced surface, similar playing characteristics to Challenge Pro.


Synthetic grass provides the perfect grass solution for cricket pitches and wicket surfaces, without the hassle. GroundAbility caters for all cricketing levels from the requirements of full-scale cricket clubs, school and council practice nets to the backyard ‘test’ with family and friends.

Our range of high-quality products are extremely durable, can withstand all weather conditions and offer an even bounce and pace at both ends.

  • Test – 9mm

High quality wicket recognised by councils, clubs and schools across Australia. It offers a lively surface when new and flattens overtime to give a true bounce with an even pace.

  • Test – 12mm

This is the premium choice for elite cricket facilities and mimics most of the playing conditions exhibited by Australian turf wickets.

Bowling Greens

All of our full size greens are Australian made to suit Australian weather conditions with Warranty covered by an Australian manufacturer.
Greens are laid on 45 degree diagonals, which allow for play from both directions and off either hand, in any direction.

Maintenance is simple and can be carried out by a qualified greens keeper or an enthusiastic club member. And a variety of green speeds can be achieved by an adjustment to these simple maintenance methods.

  • Drymax Pro

DryMax Pro provides a more stable surface than woven synthetic grass with 60% more yarn weight than competitor products. There is no stretching required, no scratching of the bowls and only minimal watering and rolling after initial settling in period. The New Generation non-polypropylene yarn has two to three more UV stability, thus providing a longer lasting bowling surface.

World Bowls approved Drymax Pro for indoor and outdoor flat bowling greens and endorsed it under the Australian Made Campaign.

  • Master Pro Plus – 15mm pile height

For over a decade Master Prop Plus has been successfully installed throughout Australia – providing a perfectly manicured and consistent bowls surface, even in times of drought.

Designed to stand up to all climatic conditions, the triple layer backing ensures optimum tuft-lock. The non-directional artificial bowls system delivers a unique and smooth playing surface.

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