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As the cricket season ramps up, preparations for practice pitches are in full swing at school, club-level, and council-owned cricket nets.

Maintaining surfaces – synthetic and natural turf – throughout the year can make pre-season preparations easier.

But if you have a synthetic grass surface for your practice pitch, maintenance is not only much easier than natural turf, it’s a fraction of the cost.

Because non-natural turf surfaces are more durable they don’t suffer the same wear and tear as natural turf pitches and as result require less upkeep and repair.

In addition to easier upkeep and significant cost savings over the long-term, synthetic grass continues to be an ideal surface for cricket nets for several reasons:

Advantages of a synthetic grass practice pitch

  • Closely mimics the look and movement of a natural turf practice pitch
  • Offers an all-climate, all-weather asset to schools, clubs, and councils with well-used practice pitches
  • Can be used all-year-round and in most types of weather without causing damage
  • Can handle an extreme amount of use
  • Delivers consistent performance and ball bounce
  • Provides durability and good longevity
  • Enables players to start pre-season practice outdoors earlier than a natural turf practice pitch

When a synthetic grass practice pitch is installed the process typically involves removing the old synthetic grass, cleaning the concrete foundation to ensure it is smooth and free from lumps, bumps, and holes.

The standard 9mm to 11mm cricket grass with no infill is then adhered to the foundation with glue and then rolled to secure the surface to the base.

Old worn out cricket pitch replaced with a new synthetic grass practice pitch

Before and after: new synthetic grass practice pitch installation at St. Dympna’s Primary School in Aspley, Brisbane.

While regular maintenance is essential to preserve the lifespan of a quality playing surface, synthetic grass allows cricket fans a year-long season of lush green grass on which to practice and play cricket.

To ensure you get the design and installation that best suits your cricket pitch needs, seek advice from synthetic grass specialists.


Synthetic grass maintenance can prolong the life expectancy of your synthetic grass by up to five years.

The popularity of synthetic grass for sports ovals and fields has skyrocketed over the last twenty years.

Many local communities and schools, particularly in Queensland have invested in synthetic sports surfaces for the durability, usability, and performance they offer. The reduced water usage and low maintenance also provide long-term cost savings.

However, to maximise the return on investment, it is necessary that the sports surface has a synthetic grass maintenance schedule appropriate for the type of surface.

Unlike the way synthetic grass is used on residential lawns and in backyards, the surfaces for sports fields and ovals are designed to withstand extreme weather conditions and constant, and often intense, use.

Periodic and professional maintenance geared to the installation can maximise return and extend the life of the synthetic grass.

For example, in 2008, St Anthony’s Catholic Primary School at Kedron had 50mm rubber and sand filled FIFA approved synthetic grass, called Europlay installed by GroundAbility on its 2500m2 sports oval.

GroundAbility initially provided annual maintenance before the school changed to six-monthly servicing.

The team recently completed the half-yearly service over two days.



They used specially adapted mowers with brushes, instead of blades, to pick up any loose sand or rubber and other foreign material.

They redistributed infill to areas where it was lower than recommended levels.

At the same time, they inspected all the seams and carried out any repairs to ensure the surface was safe and in excellent working condition.

By cleaning and maintaining the sports oval twice a year, the school can now expect to extend the life of the synthetic grass by up to five years.

Synthetic Grass Maintenance for sports oval

What are the benefits of synthetic grass maintenance:

–          Improved playability

–          Enhanced appearance

–          Increased safety

–          Prolonged life expectancy of the product

–          Compliance with manufacturer’s warranty requirements

To make sure your synthetic sports surfaces last longer, engage with experienced and professional synthetic grass installers who use the right equipment for the job and gear the maintenance to the type of grass, the purpose of the surface and level of usage.

Synthetic grass tennis courts are a popular alternative to natural grass and hard-courts.

And when you see a tennis match on synthetic grass in action, the benefits are clear.

Synthetic grass tennis courts not only demand much less maintenance than natural turf, but the surface also improves the game:

  • Greater shock absorption
  • Better ball bounce
  • Cooler playing surface
  • Improved player comfort
  • Increased speed

And the material can be installed over almost any pre-existing surface: old lawn, compacted dirt, concrete and asphalt.

The new synthetic grass tennis court installed at Mt Ommaney, Brisbane uses high-quality, Australian made short pile that is UV resistant. The synthetic court also offers up a consistently good performance and long-lasting surface.

Synthetic grass tennis court

Synthetic grass tennis courts serve up many benefits over natural turf and hard courts.


Contact GroundAbility if your tennis court needs some love – we provide maintenance and cleaning services as well as new installs.

The introduction of synthetic grass surfaces have significantly changed the way many sports – both professional and amateur, are played.

Synthetic grass surfaces have been found to improve the speed and performance of certain games.

And in some sports, such as field hockey, it has even resulted in the re-design of sports equipment, to adapt to the changes in the surface condition.

It makes sense then, that more schools are opting for high-quality, synthetic grass over natural turf for their sports ovals and playing fields.

The 3,000m2 sports oval at Eagle Junction State School, Clayfield Brisbane recently underwent a complete transformation that required base preparation and laser-grade surface levelling prior to install.

This preparation creates a flatter, more even surface, which means a safer playing field, with no unwanted dips.

The multi-purpose sports oval, with six-lane running track, used Australian made 50mm Europlay, with sand infill.

We think the results speak for themselves.

Synthetic Grass Sports Oval

Preparing and levelling the sports oval for the new synthetic grass installation.

Synthetic Surface Sports Oval

Laying the line-marked synthetic grass running track.

Synthetic grass sports oval

New 3,000 m2 synthetic grass sports oval.

Gone are the days when synthetic grass was rough and hard, and looked like carpet. Over the last decade, synthetic grass technology has made massive advances.

Increasingly, a new generation of synthetic grass that looks and feels like natural turf, is being used as the chosen surface for many major professional sports. It is also being installed for high-use school sports fields.


We recently refurbished the 1000m2 sports oval at St Jospeh’s Catholic Primary School in Kangaroo Point, Brisbane. The old, well-worn synthetic grass was updated with new 50mm Europlay, with a sand and rubber infill.


The 200m2 area in front of the classrooms was also updated, installing 40mm sand filled Play On.


Why use synthetic grass for school sports fields?

School sports fields are one of the most used areas on any school ground, so it makes sense to choose a hard-wearing, long-lasting surface that delivers:


  • More playing time – synthetic grass is designed to withstand all weather condition – rain, hail or long periods of drought. So, no matter what the weather brings, synthetic sports ovals and fields allow safer, longer playing time with less ground closures.


  • Less maintenance – unlike natural turf, synthetic grass requires little to no maintenance and irrigation, and stays greener for longer.


  • Improves performance – high-quality synthetic grass surfaces, when installed professionally, are smooth and even, and mimic the performance features of natural turf, but with greater traction, which is all important in sport safety and performance.


synthetic grass school sports fields

The original, well-worn synthetic grass sports field was refurbished with new 50mm Europlay, with a sand and rubber infill at St Jospeh’s Catholic Primary School in Kangaroo Point, Brisbane.

Build it and they will come. Make it blue artifical turf and they will come back!

GroundAbility, in conjunction with Prograss was contracted to install blue artificial turf in arguably one of the best FIFA-size football fields in the Philippines.

At the time of install, it was one of the first high-quality sports and training facilities in Circuit Makatia, the area’s new entertainment and lifestyle complex.

The Gatorade Chelsea FC Blue Pitch at Makati City in metro Manila, was part of an initiative to bring more quality pitches to the region, to develop more kids and continue to grow football as an amateur and professional game.

As far as sports fields are concerned, the Gatorade Chelsea FC Blue Pitch stands out.

The field is huge, measuring 64.5 x 105 meters (9000m2) and it includes markings for two seven-a-side pitches.

The unique colour of the 65mm FIFA approved synthetic grass is great for visibility and a nod to the club colour of the British football team, Chelsea FC.



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Synthetic Grass Cricket Pitch

30 Aug 2016, Posted by Warwick Beale in Products, Recent Installations, Sports fields

Is your cricket pitch perfect?

Synthetic grass provides the perfect grass solution for your cricket pitch and wicket surface, without the hassle.

GroundAbility supplies and installs synthetic grass products that cater for all cricketing levels and performance criteria. Whether the pitch is for full-scale competitive cricket clubs, school and council practice nets, or the backyard ‘test’ with family and friends.

We recently installed a new pitch at Our Lady of Fatima Catholic Primary School in Acacia Ridge.

If your school, club or local cricket pitch is in need of a high-quality grass solution that delivers an even bounce and pace at both ends, why not go synthetic grass? Check out our gallery for some of our sport and recreation synthetic grass installations.

Synthetic grass is an increasingly popular choice for school sports grounds and athletic fields.

St Joachim’s Catholic primary school at Holland Park West in Brisbane required an installation of synthetic grass for the 1200m2 sports oval. The oval had to serve two main functions – as an athletic field to be used during sports designated times and an area for the students to play soccer during free time at lunch.

GroundAbility incorporated the appropriate line markings for the two fields, enabling the school to fully maximise the oval as a sports ground.

View the GroundAbility Sports and Recreation Gallery here.