No matter how great your school playground is, there’s always room for improvement.

School playground improvements and ‘problem areas’ will be different for each school, depending on the playground and the school environment.

Commonly, improving the condition of play areas and equipment, green spaces, gardens and the landscaping are priorities for schools.

Once these problem areas have been identified, it’s time to think about how they could be improved.

Ways to make school playground improvements

Ways to improve your school’s playground and outdoor space could be as simple as organising clutter, tidying mess and regular maintenance.

Or it could involve bigger changes such as installing a new surface material on the school grounds, like synthetic grass.

Recently, Our Lady of Fatima Catholic Primary school at Acacia Ridge decided to do away with the unsightly outdoor bitumen area.

They had GroundAbility come in to replace the tired surface with synthetic grass and create an inviting and tranquil sanctuary.


School Playground Improvements Old Lady Fatima Catholic Primary School Before

 Before: The unsightly outdoor bitumen area at Our Lady of Fatima Catholic Primary School, Acacia Ridge.

School Playground Improvements Old Fatima Catholic Primary School After

 After: The newly installed Australian made Supreme 35 synthetic grass at Our Lady of Fatima Catholic Primary School.

Investing a little love into your school playground and making simple changes to the outdoor environment can go along way. Wynnum State High School transformed an unused area of dirt and gravel by installing synthetic grass over the entire area.

The once wasted space is now a bright and functional sitting and outdoor learning area for students.


School Playground Improvements Wynnum State High School Before

Before: The unused dirt and gravel area at Wynnum State High School.

School Playground Improvements Wynnum State High School After

 After: Australian made Supreme 35 synthetic grass created a bright and functional outdoor sitting area at Wynnum State High School.

We all want to love our school.

With synthetic grass, school playgrounds can be transformed into beautiful and multi-functional outdoor spaces that encourage fun, physical activity and exploration. And one that kids are excited to use.

If you’re looking to make improvements to your school playground using synthetic grass, contact the specialists first to work out what will work in your school environment to deliver the results for your students.


GroundAbility specialises in supplying and installing the highest quality grade of Australian owned, designed and manufactured synthetic grass in the market. From school playgrounds and football fields to rooftop terraces and large commercial projects, where there is a surface that needs synthetic grass, we can make it happen.

Synthetic grass for childcare centres and schools is becoming more commonplace in education facilities and learning centres across Brisbane.

Many childcare centres and schools are installing synthetic grass because of the unparalleled advantages:

  • Cost-effective
  • Easy to maintain
  • Weather resistant
  • Fire retardant
  • Durable & long-lasting
  • Safe for kids and pets
  • Versatile for indoor and outdoor use
  • Wide product selection for multiple applications
  • Immaculate and green all year round

But there’s also another benefit of synthetic grass: no nasty allergens.

Synthetic-grass-for-childcare centres and schools

Lead Childcare Centre in Wooloowin, Brisbane where we installed Clean Cut 35 mm synthetic grass.

Unlike natural grass, synthetic grass doesn’t create or spread grass pollen – Australia’s most common outdoor airborne allergen.

Also, high-quality, Australian-made synthetic grass products don’t contain harmful toxins or require harsh chemicals or fertilizers to keep it looking green and lush.


Synthetic-grass-for-childcare centres and schools

St Clare’s Catholic Primary School. Yarrabilba.


Given Australia has some of the highest allergy rates in the developed world, it makes sense that synthetic grass is gaining in popularity.

It’s the ideal indoor and outdoor solution for preschoolers and school kids who suffer from allergies like hay fever.


Synthetic-grass-for-childcare centres and schools

The new seating area at St Clare’s Catholic Primary School. Yarrabilba.


While springtime is commonly thought of as the peak time for allergies, grasses flower at various times of the year in different parts of the country.

As for Brisbane’s peak pollen season, it typically starts in January but can extend out to February and even March – which is a long time for kids to put up with itchy eyes, scratchy throats, runny noses, and incessant sneezing.

Synthetic-grass-for-childcare centres and schools

Installed 35 mm Arena synthetic grass in two areas which were too wet and shaded to grow any natural turf.

If you’re keen to reduce the pollen and alleviate the allergies in your learning space or playground, consider the benefits of synthetic grass and chat with synthetic grass specialists to understand your options.







Synthetic Grass in School Playgrounds

13 Apr 2018, Posted by Warwick Beale in Recent Installations, Schools

Synthetic grass in school playgrounds has long been a popular choice.


During our over 10 years’ professional experience installing synthetic grass in Brisbane schools – from pre-schools to senior high schools, we’ve seen the popularity of synthetic grass continue to increase and a broad acceptance of synthetic grass as the smart option. And it makes sense.


Schools tend to make long-term, cost-efficient decisions, especially when it comes to their grounds, including ovals, sports fields, playgrounds, multi-purpose areas, and communal spaces.


Synthetic grass is cost-effective, low maintenance and long-lasting.


It eliminates the need for a school to pay someone to mow, water, weed, spray and caretaker naturally turfed areas.


Depending on the amount of traffic on the surface, professionally installed synthetic grass keeps its colour and integrity and can last up to 7-10 years, and even longer with annual professional maintenance.


Synthetic grass also delivers a greater range of uses and applications, unlike natural grass and concrete. For instance, artificial grass is commonly used for multi-purpose sports courts, often with two to three-line markings incorporated allowing for several activities to be played.


But it’s equally versatile in an undercover communal space or a small and quiet “sacred area”, like this one at Mater Dei Catholic Primary School in Ashgrove, Brisbane.

Synthetic grass in school


Synthetic grass in school playgrounds Brisbane

For any school that has an oval and several indoor and outdoor spaces either undercover or exposed to the elements, synthetic grass is a smart choice.


It’s also a smart idea to hire the services of a reputable synthetic grass installer to deliver a professional result.


GroundAbility is a team of synthetic grass specialists in Brisbane, contact us today to discuss your school playground needs.





Like playgrounds, artificial turf is designed with active kids in mind, which makes synthetic grass great for schools.

High-quality synthetic grass is not only incredibly durable, non-toxic, free from heavy metals and useable all year round, it is also hugely versatile.

Nowadays, school playgrounds are designed for multiple uses: common areas turn into multi-purpose sports courts and sports fields are used for athletic carnivals and all manner of team sports.

Where natural turf and concrete were once the main choices for school grounds, now synthetic grass and artificial turf are being installed in many primary and high schools all over Brisbane to provide maximum versatility.

If you’re looking for a flexible playground solution for your school, here are five reasons why high-quality, synthetic grass is a great option for school environments:

1. Safety

Synthetic grass is free from harmful toxins and heavy metals which makes it safe for kids of all ages. And when professionally installed using high-quality soft fall and rubber surfacing solutions, artificial turf is safer than other more conventional playground surfaces.


Synthetic Grass for Schools

Stretton State College in Brisbane, where we used Synlawns Clean Cut 35mm landscape grass to create a safe, evenly sloped outdoor common area.

Synthetic Grass for Schools

Stretton State college in Brisbane, where we installed Synlawns Clean Cut 35mm landscape grass on the sloped area around the undercover playground.


2. Durability

It makes sense that every school playground surface should be sturdy, hard-wearing and long-lasting. But there are few products and materials in the market that can deliver.

Australian made synthetic grass is designed and manufactured to withstand high-traffic use and extreme weather conditions. While usual wear and tear does happen, damage can be easily repaired, like mending carpet.

To keep it lasting even longer, an annual brush, groom and refill to keep the grass blades upright can be affordably done by your local synthetic grass specialist.


3. Aesthetic

One of the best advantages of synthetic grass is that it looks good all year round. No matter the weather or the area, artificial turf guarantees you’ll have a visually appealing, functional grassed area with no weeds, worn spots or brown, dead patches. Beautifying and tidying your school grounds creates a great space for teachers and kids alike, but also for the broader community.


Synthetic Grass for School playgrounds

Wynnum State High School, where we transformed an untidy seating area using Synlawns clean cut 35mm grass.

Synthetic grass for school playgrounds

We installed Synlawns clean cut 35mm grass to beautify an untidy seating area at Wynnum State High School.

4. Economical

Synthetic grass is a long-term investment that not only transforms unused spaces into practical and versatile areas that can be used all year round, it also saves on water and maintenance costs throughout the year.

As mentioned before, you can prolong the lifetime of your investment by calling on your local synthetic grass specialists for an annual brush, groom and refill to keep the grass blades upright.


Synthetic grass for school playgrounds

St Agnes Catholic School at Mount Gravatt we installed grass to the areas beside the courts for spectators to have a nice area to watch the games.

Synthetic grass for schools

Installed synthetic grass at St Agnes Catholic School at Mount Gravatt, Brisbane.


5. Versatility

When it comes to range and flexibility, few schools can go passed synthetic grass. Whether you’re looking to transform a hard surface into a safe play area, beautify an area where natural grass never grows or add colour to a practical and educational space, there is an artificial turf product suitable for every need and application.


Synthetic grass for schools

Stretton State College in Brisbane had Synlawns Clean Cut 35mm landscape grass installed around the trees.

Synthetic grass for schools

St Paul’s Catholic Primary School at Woodridge, Brisbane now has a new outdoor Snakes and Ladders
play area for prep kids to enjoy.


If you’re looking to have synthetic grass installed or maintained at your school, contact GroundAbility – installing synthetic grass in schools right across Brisbane for over 10 years.

While most of us know it’s what’s on the inside that counts, creating a great first impression from the outside is also important.


We recently revamped the school front entrance of St Pius X Catholic Primary in Salisbury, Queensland.


The front entrance revamp was part of an overall landscape design plan to spruce up the school entry and provide extra recreational areas for the students.


We installed Couch 30 synthetic grass product on both a sloped and flat surface over several tiers.


The landscaped entrance is once again vibrant, welcoming and immaculately manicured.

Landscaped school front entrance

St Pius X Catholic Primary School in Salisbury revamped with newly installed synthetic grass.


It requires little to no upkeep for the school which saves them time and money, whilst creating a great first impression.


GroundAbility has been revamping school grounds across Brisbane for over ten years. If your school grounds need a new lease on life, maintenance or repair contact us today.

As a cricket-loving nation, we take our wickets seriously, particularly in schools and on the practice pitch.

Synthetic grass cricket pitches are now the playing surface of choice for middle and lower grade competitions.

The improvement in synthetic grass technology means the turf products are designed and manufactured specifically for cricket.

The synthetic turf delivers consistent bounce, durability, and the perfect pitch performance.

The upkeep of natural turf cricket and practice pitches requires constant maintenance and expertise to get it right.

Synthetic grass is a far more economical option for school wickets and community practice pitches; it needs less maintenance, can handle much more use than natural grass pitches, whilst withstanding all types of weather conditions.

Get in touch with GroundAblity if you’re looking to install or renew your cricket pitch.


The latest high-quality, Australian made fake grass products are the closest thing to real grass, without the maintenance. The Principal of Milton State School in Brisbane recently chose fake grass over real grass as part of the landscape design for his school grounds. Fake grass is not only easy to maintain, but it is perfectly suited to the harsh Australian conditions and the constant wear from active school kids. The natural looking synthetic grass, colour-matched to the surrounds was installed throughout the school after new cement pathways were laid. Everyone loves to see a well-maintained school and the end-result is a clean, fresh and welcoming image for the school and the local community.


The multi-sport court is ideal for schools – whether indoors or outdoors.

The multi-purpose court provides teachers and students the flexibility to host competitive matches, or use as a casual recreational space.

We recently installed an outdoor multi-sport court at All Hallows’ School in Fortitude Valley; set on the riverfront, close to the Story Bridge, in one of Brisbane’s most prestigious positions.

As the first Catholic secondary school in Queensland, it was our privilege to incorporate new and improved materials into the facilities of an historical and heritage listed school.

The new synthetic grass surface is custom-designed to maximise the available space, and line-marked to enable several sports and a wide-variety of games to be played.

The multi-sport court not only looks great and requires less maintenance, it also provides a multi-use surface that is safe and durable, and high-performing, when it comes to playing on-court sports.

Contact GroundAbility to discuss your multi-sport court options.

Artifical grass is a great long-term investment in high-use areas, such as child care centres, kindergartens, schools, and sports fields.

But over time, wear and tear are inevitable.

Professional artificial grass maintenance and cleaning can save you from having to replace your synthetic grass, and in turn, prolong the life of your investment.

We recently gave the multi-purpose sports court at St Anthony’s School in Kedron a well-earned service, after eight years of heavy use.

Firstly, we removed excess sand and debris from the area. We then repaired some seams and edges and replaced damaged sections of grass. And finally, we restored the integrity of the lines and markings.

The court is now in great shape for the school year ahead.

If you want to know how you can keep your artificial grass clean, safe and looking better for longer, contact GroundAbility.

Synthetic grass maintenance

The well-worn school sports court prior to cleaning and maintenance.

Synthetic grass maintenance

The revitalised synthetic grass after cleaning, repairs and maintenance.


Artificial surfaces and synthetic grass are not only hard-wearing, long-lasting and low on upkeep and water usage.

They are also incredibly multi-functional, making them a sound long-term investment.

This is particularly true for schools that often need different areas for different purposes, but have limited space to make it happen.

St Agatha’s Catholic Primary School in Clayfield, Brisbane, recently opted to have new 19mm synthetic grass installed in their large undercover area.

Multi-purpose synthetic courts

New artificial surface, line-marked for handball and other games, at St Agatha’s Catholic School in Clayfield, Brisbane.


The line marked surface is used for handball and other games. And it also doubles as an assembly and presentation space.

The new synthetic grass installation is the perfect solution for the high-traffic zone.

And it will continue to comfortably withstand the constant, heavy use, no matter the purpose.