Synthetic grass for childcare centres and schools is becoming more commonplace in education facilities and learning centres across Brisbane.

Many childcare centres and schools are installing synthetic grass because of the unparalleled advantages:

  • Cost-effective
  • Easy to maintain
  • Weather resistant
  • Fire retardant
  • Durable & long-lasting
  • Safe for kids and pets
  • Versatile for indoor and outdoor use
  • Wide product selection for multiple applications
  • Immaculate and green all year round

But there’s also another benefit of synthetic grass: no nasty allergens.

Synthetic-grass-for-childcare centres and schools

Lead Childcare Centre in Wooloowin, Brisbane where we installed Clean Cut 35 mm synthetic grass.

Unlike natural grass, synthetic grass doesn’t create or spread grass pollen – Australia’s most common outdoor airborne allergen.

Also, high-quality, Australian-made synthetic grass products don’t contain harmful toxins or require harsh chemicals or fertilizers to keep it looking green and lush.


Synthetic-grass-for-childcare centres and schools

St Clare’s Catholic Primary School. Yarrabilba.


Given Australia has some of the highest allergy rates in the developed world, it makes sense that synthetic grass is gaining in popularity.

It’s the ideal indoor and outdoor solution for preschoolers and school kids who suffer from allergies like hay fever.


Synthetic-grass-for-childcare centres and schools

The new seating area at St Clare’s Catholic Primary School. Yarrabilba.


While springtime is commonly thought of as the peak time for allergies, grasses flower at various times of the year in different parts of the country.

As for Brisbane’s peak pollen season, it typically starts in January but can extend out to February and even March – which is a long time for kids to put up with itchy eyes, scratchy throats, runny noses, and incessant sneezing.

Synthetic-grass-for-childcare centres and schools

Installed 35 mm Arena synthetic grass in two areas which were too wet and shaded to grow any natural turf.

If you’re keen to reduce the pollen and alleviate the allergies in your learning space or playground, consider the benefits of synthetic grass and chat with synthetic grass specialists to understand your options.







Over the years, GroundAbility has done countless synthetic grass installations for schools, pre-schools, early learning centres in Brisbane and throughout Queensland.


Recently, the team headed north-west of Brisbane to Middlemount, Rockhampton to install synthetic grass at C and K Childcare centre.


We laid Oasis 30 directly over the existing concrete in the younger children’s play area. The product is suitably insulated to create a softer feel underfoot and a safer area for the babies and younger children to run, play and explore.


The vibrancy of the synthetic grass also brightens up the undercover space.


If you’re located outside Brisbane and looking to have synthetic grass installed in your childcare or early learning centres, contact GroundAbility today.

synthetic grass for ELC

The existing concrete before the new synthetic grass was installed to the early learning centre’s outdoor play area.


synthetic grass for ELC

The outdoor, undercover play area with newly laid synthetic grass creates a safer and brighter space.

Artificial grass is softer and safer than concrete, low maintenance and keeps green all-year-round.

GroundAbility recently completed another artificial grass installation at Pine Mountain Road Childcare centre in Carindale Brisbane. This time the team spruced up one of the centre’s play areas with Pro lawn 25 and laid Leisure 15 to the swimming pool surrounds.

synthetic grass play area

Before and after of the play area.

synthetic grass pool surround

Before and after of the pool surround.

Artificial grass is a great ground cover option for childcare centres and there are many benefits to installing artificial grass in children’s play areas and around swimming pools – one obvious benefit is that artificial grass is much softer than concrete or tiles! In the event of a slip or fall, additional padding can be fitted underneath the synthetic grass surface.

For this recent job at Pine Mountain Road, we installed 20 mm shockpads to the play area and 15mm shock pads to the pool surround, providing some extra protection and creating a softer surface underfoot.

When you think synthetic grass, it’s natural to think green.

But GroundAbility has a range of vibrant and colourful synthetic grass products that incorporate bright colours, pictures and patterns to create a fun and interactive space for children.


Great solution for an educational space.

This range is especially popular at childcare centres, pre-schools and schools and is a great solution for an educational space.

GroundAbility supply and install high-grade quality synthetic grass to almost any surface for homes, at schools and commercial properties.

Whether you want colourful synthetic grass with numbers, shapes and animals, or hopscotch, chess boards and snakes and ladders, we can retrofit to your existing area or install with new synthetic grass.


GroundAbility has a wealth of experience in removing and replacing synthetic grass in childcare centres, pre-schools and schools in and around Brisbane.

The GroundAbility team recently replaced the well-worn, existing synthetic grass of an undercover, outdoor play area.

Pro Lawn 25 synthetic grass was installed on top of Soft Fall shockpads, covering a total area of 120m2.

Pine Mountain Road Childcare centre, located in the south east of Brisbane, now has a bright new play area that is both long-lasting and looks great!



Removing the existing synthetic grass


Installing the 20 mm Soft Fall shockpads


Laying Pro Lawn 25 synthetic grass









There will most likely be areas in your childcare centre, kindergarten and school playgrounds, such as under swings and climbing equipment that need to conform to safety and the critical fall height criteria.

The thickness of the rubber surfacing in these areas is relative to the height of the playground equipment.

GroundAbility recently installed Pro Lawn 25, a sand filled 25mm product manufactured in Australia, at Mary Immaculate Catholic Primary School in Annerley. We also laid soft fall rubber surfacing, a recycled rubber Shockpad, underneath the synthetic grass of the playground area to ensure children’s safety and to reduce injuries.

Our quick-to-install, weather resistant  Shockpads are available in varying thicknesses and density to meet the current Australian Standards.

Turfing the old for new synthetic grass

14 Sep 2015, Posted by Warwick Beale in Preschools, Products

Hopscotch House childcare centre in Coorparoo, Brisbane had tired and worn out natural turf in the main children’s play area.

The busy centre was looking for a low-maintenance alternative ground cover that still provided an enjoyable and fun space for the children.

GroundAbility replaced the natural turf with Pro Lawn 25, which is durable for a high-traffic area, yet soft under foot.

View the GroundAbility Educational Facilities Gallery here.