How Artificial Grass Can Benefit Your Pet and Your Yard

03 Jun 2018, Posted by Warwick Beale in Recent Installations, Residential
artificial grass and your pet

Australia has one of the highest household rates of pet ownership. With more Aussies living in households with four-legged friends–dogs being the favoured companion–than with kids.

For those pet-owning households lucky enough to have a patch of grass, they know maintaining a beautiful and healthy lawn whilst owning pets, especially dogs, is almost impossible.

Energetic, curious and even bored dogs can cause all kinds of havoc in the backyard.

This typically includes digging holes, stirring up dust bowls in the dry months, churning mud puddles in the wet months and leaving natural grass yellow, burnt and even dead from urine and poop.

But dogs and other pets love the outdoors and homeowners know this.

Which is the reason homeowners with pets are choosing to install artificial grass for their backyard surface: They get a gloriously green, hassle-free lawn and a happy pet. It’s a win-win!

Here’s a recent installation in the backyard of a home in Eight Mile Plains. The before and after shots show how the yard had been absolutely destroyed by two large and energetic dogs. The newly installed artificial grass allows the whole family to enjoy the space again.

Artificial grass and your pet

GroundAbility installed SYNlawns Australian-made Supreme 35 in the backyard of a home destroyed by two very active dogs.

If you’re a pet-owner considering artificial grass as an alternative to natural turf, here are some ways artificial grass can benefit your pet and your yard:

Pet-friendly and pet-safe

Artificial grass is lead and mercury free, and unlike natural turf doesn’t need fertiliser, pesticides, or other harmful chemicals to keep it looking lush and green all year round.

Products to suit every pet

Artificial grass gives you plenty of choices – the length of the pile, the thickness and shape of the fibres, and the density, shade, texture, look and feel – no matter your needs there is a product to suit every yard and pet.

Tough and durable

Artificial Grass is sturdy and tough and made from highly durable artificial fibres that are tested to withstand extreme use and conditions. So, your dog can run, chase and jump to its heart’s content.

No-fuss maintenance

Artificial grass is super easy to clean with non-absorbent blades and base which is designed to allow liquid to drain through the material – so getting rid of urine and poop is as easy as spraying it off with the garden hose.

Looks and feels like real grass

Artificial grass, particularly high-quality grass product, looks like natural turf and feels like the real thing. The biggest difference is that you can let your beloved canine run as much as they like without the worry of your lawn being torn, dug up or trampled.

Most homeowners with pets want the best of both worlds; a beautiful yard and a happy pet, and artificial grass delivers a win-win alternative to natural turf.